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Canada is based on immigration culture and multiculturalism, gathering Western Europe, Eastern Europe, South America, Africa and mainland top musicians, artists, creators and music art educators.


Ottawa, as the capital of Canada, is also the national art center.


Toronto, the third largest city in North America, has an impressive pool of talent and is, together with Ottawa, the largest collection of higher education institutions in Canada.


As the oldest city in North America, Montreal is known as the world-famous "North American Art Capital". Music, dance, and art have become the soul of the city, cradling well-known music, art colleges and training bases and exporting top music talents and artistic talents to the world every year.

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Symphony Orchestra Master Class

CCCDA Master Class for symphony orchestras

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Piano Master Camp and Teacher Training

CCCDA Master Class for pianists and teachers

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Choral Competition and Master Class

CCCDA Master Class for choirs

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Dance, Art & Drama Master Class

CCCDA Master Class for various artists

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Canadian Masters Visit China

CCCDA has created a talent pool of Canadian musicians and artists, including professors, performers, dancers and musicians of chorus, group, symphony conductor, instrumental music, piano, dance, musical theater, etc. We look forward to cooperating with China's corresponding government and private institutions, art and music colleges, etc. to open master camps and summer camps.

The association has cooperated with Canadian art groups, such as a well-known Canadian male vocal group "the Cadence" and a percussion-piano duo "SHHH!", organizing their tours and master classes in China, acting as agents for their attendance and performance in various art and music festivals, speeches, forums and exchanges at high- end cultural and artistic conferences in China.

Cadence Vocal Ensemble

Cadence is a Canadian a cappella vocal quartet based in Toronto, Ontario. Winners of the 2006 Juno Award for Best Vocal Jazz Album of the Year for their album "Twenty for One", they have produced five albums and a number of singles.

Current members include Ross Lynde, tenor, Kurt Sampson, bass and vocal percussion, David Lane, baritone and vocal percussion, and Lucas Marchand, tenor.

SHHH!! Ensemble

SHHH!!… a powerful utterance designed to draw attention forward… creating space and awareness… opening ears to something important.

SHHH!!… une déclaration puissante qui attire l’attention… en créant de l’espace et en aiguisant la conscience… ouvrant les oreilles vers quelque chose d’important.

SHHH!! Ensemble is a piano/percussion duo dedicated to the creation and dissemination of new and rarefied sounds.

Edana Higham, piano; Zac Pulak, percussion