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Choral competition and Master Class

The chorus conductor master class teaches students the world's advanced choral music education concepts, conducting and training skills. The training is conducted in targeted teaching styles including master public classes, public training observation classes, chorus teaching seminars, and concert observations.

According to the needs of the choir, the entire choir training and guiding master class will be customized. In addition to explaining and guiding the general chorus and vocal content, the master will also give special guidance to the group's repertoire.

The CICF will provide choirs from all over the world with a platform to showcase their singing talents. It will also provide choirs from participating countries with a good opportunity to observe, learn, and communicate with each other, so as to promote each other and jointly improve their chorus level.

The training and a series of international exchange activities designed for domestic choir teachers aim to learn, experience and practice internationally through the rich research atmosphere of the Canadian choir education comprehensive laboratory, and through targeted and innovative customized training and exchange activities. The leading choir education method effectively improves the professional skills of choir teachers, enhances teaching experience, broadens the thinking of choir and music education, and encourages more educators to contribute to the improvement of Chinese youth music literacy.

Our Masters

Lisette Canton

Lisette Canton is a choral and orchestral conductor, vocal coach and technician, guest conductor, adjudicator, workshop leader and early music specialist. She is the Founder and Artistic Director of the JUNO-award winning and internationally acclaimed Ottawa Bach Choir, and is also Associate Professor and Head of Choral Conducting at York University in Toronto, where she conducts three ensembles (Chamber Choir, Concert Choir, and Men’s Chorus) and is in charge of the graduate program in choral music.

Antonio Llaca

Cuban born, Antonio Llaca is an active conductor, teacher, and clinician. He studied conducting and classical guitar both in Canada and in South America. Mr. Llaca holds a Master’s degree in Choral Conducting from Université de Sherbrooke (Montreal) and has studied with world renowned masters.

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Day Main activities Highlights
Day 1 Opening reception Political dignitaries, well-known Canadian musicians, music educators, as well as main members of the choir festival organizing committee and members of the judging committee attended and gave speeches; chorus conductors and heads were invited to participate, providing an opportunity for an exchange of understanding between various choir conductors.
Opening ceremony concert Professional groups and international choirs are invited to perform in professional concert halls or grand theaters.
Choir rehearsal International teams will have dedicated classrooms and music rooms for rehearsals.
Day 2 Chorus master class, workshop Chorus experts, judges, etc. organize chorus and vocal workshops for all chorus members participating in the chorus festival, offer guidance lessons for conductors, and conduct custom master classes and tutoring for the chorus.
Choir competition Choir groups that sign up for the competition unit will compete in accordance with the rules of the competition; the top three and the winning team will receive medals, certificates and prizes.
Choir Festival Concert All choirs participating in the choir festival will perform.
Day 3 Chorus exchange activities One-to-one exchanges between international teams and local teams, joint rehearsals or exchange performances.
Closing ceremony and awards concert Guest speeches, awards, and performances by winning choirs.